Allowing patients to breathe easy.

Simple-to-use and engaging respiratory therapy device.

  • Quantifiable Data
    Continuous data collection for bed-side nurses & therapists

  • Cloud Storage
    Data storage for patient trends and compliance

  • Android Compatible
    Game arcade for various demographics

  • Fun & Engaging
    Helps motivate patients to comply with their therapy

Watch our impact on the patient's life

We are a team of engineers that are dedicated to improving respiratory monitoring and transparency between patient and their therapists. SPIRO proposes a respiratory device, composed of a sensor in conjunction with a gaming mechanism to replace the traditional incentivized spirometer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               More
Our mission is to create a new device to replace the traditional spirometer. Ultimately, we aim to improve patients' lives by creating a fun game-based respiratory device where even the weakest of patients can comply with their therapy.  
SPIRO hopes to not only promote patients' well-being but also to aid nurses and therapists. We intend to increase transparency between families and doctors, as well as patient accountability.
Company Values
We care deeply about our communities' well-being, patient transparency, and improving healthcare monitoring. SPIRO is aiming to be a leader in monitoring respiratory therapy.

Why Choose Us?

  • Jared Klotz, RRT-NPS

    Respiratory Care Services, UC Irvine Health

    "You have created an awesome tool with great potential for the field of respiratory and I look forward to tracking your progress."
  • Stephen Palm

    Senior Technical Director at Broadcom Corp.

    "I am especially impressed with the teams of Piano Apprentice and the Gamification of Respiratory Therapy Device projects, they really understood the engineering process."