Current Market & Competitors



The most commonly used device in the market currently is the traditional and incentivized spirometer for respiratory purposes. Recently, Compliant Games have developed software to have real-time data acquisition and monitoring. However, their product is used in conjunction with a mechanical device, similar to current spirometers. For this reason, patients will still find it difficult to complete their therapies as it is cumbersome and is painful to use. We will be the first company to release a product that is wearable, painless, cost-efficient and will provide real-time monitoring.

Competitive Advantages

Current respiratory-aiding devices have no means of use-tracking and continuous data storage. This compromises the integrity of patients to keep up with their breathing practices. We are the first company to utilize wearable technology to address this problem. Our respiratory device logs each time patients performs their breathing exercises through gameplay interaction. This gaming app also tracks the patient’s progress, which allows doctors and respiratory therapists to accurately monitor and optimize their patients progress. Our sensor’s flexibility allows conformation to the patient’s skin while our device as a whole encourages patients to start at the level they are comfortable with and grow from there. Furthermore, traditional spirometers are expensive and are not in a disposable price range. Our product package provides hospitals a convenient and sanitary solution to seamless patient monitoring.

Live happy, Breathe Easy