Evelyn Vasquez

Evelyn is a biomedical engineering major and is the team leader of SPIRO. She has exceptional leadership qualities and has been involved in many organizations within and outside UC Irvine. Some of these organizations include IMED, MAES and an undergraduate researcher under Dr. Reinkensmeyer. For the past year, she has been a mentor and coordinator for young students in FABCamp/AppCamp. Here, she exposes and guides these students interested in STEM to engineering CAD software. Furthermore, Evelyn has been invited as a speaker to the Google Hispanic Student Leadership Summit in Los Angeles. Evelyn plans to get more hands-on-experience in assistive or rehabilitation technology before going to graduate school.

Nini is a biomedical engineering major with extensive research and start-up experience. At UC Irvine, she has been researching under Dr. Akbari for the past two years. In Akbari Lab,  she processes and analyzes EEG signals for data in publications. She has also done research at UC San Francisco as a Neuroscience Diversity Scholar under Dr. Zadran. Supervised by Dr, Zadran, Nini has learned more about deep brain stimulation and fundamental laboratory techniques. She has also co-founded a start-up under Dr. Zadran and has pitched the company to venture capitalists. Looking ahead, Nini plans to work in the biotechnology industry before returning to school for her master’s.

Lucy is a biomedical engineering major with experience interning at Applied Medical and Irvine Scientific. She is active in and has held officer positions in the campus-wide honors program. Furthermore, at UC Irvine, she has conducted research on optogenetics and mutant phytochrome under Dr. Hui and helped develop a platform for drug-induced cardiotoxicity under Dr. Khine. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in the healthcare industry.

Truc is a biomedical engineering major with many research experiences, one being involved with sensor fabrication. At UC Irvine, she has been in Dr. Khine’s lab developing health-monitoring wearables and drug assay platforms. For the past three summers, she has been a research assistant at Stanford University. At Stanford, she investigated several transcription factors and their consequences in the gut with Dr. Butcher. Looking ahead, she will be attending UC Berkeley & UC San Francisco for Translational Medicine.

Zhen is a materials science engineering major with handfuls of experience in research and programming. He has researched enzymes and metabolic processes under Dr. Li. Furthermore, he was a coordinator for the Web Development Club at UC Irvine. Zhen enjoys programming as a hobby and is intent on building commerce websites. After graduation, he plans to obtain a Ph.D. in the energy density of metals or in renewable energy. He plans to have a career in renewable energy or in the battery field.

Alexander is a biomedical engineering major with various experiences in industry and research. For research, he worked with Dr. Haun and Dr. Widgerow on a microfluidic to process adipose tissue. His team participated in the Beall competition and ended up in the semi-finals. In industry, he was an R&D intern for Becton Dickinson (BD). Here, his work composed of antibody development, flow analysis and quality control. Alexander is an incoming Mechanical Engineering Associate at BD and will be continuing his studies as a Mechanical Engineering graduate student at UC San Diego.