How It Works


                       1. Patient Inhalation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2. Patient Exhalation

At SPIRO, we have developed a packaged wearable sensor to monitor patient breathing. In conjunction with our sensor, we have developed various software for data acquisition, filtering and sensor-controlled video games.

1) Initially, our sensor will be placed on the patient’s sternum. As the patient inhales, their lungs begin to fill with oxygen. This results in not only their lungs expanding, but their chest wall growing as well. As their chest cavity expands, this will directly cause our sensor to stretch.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This stretch sensor data will be processed through our software to output and store lung volume intake. Simultaneously, the patient’s inhalation will immediately control an avatar in one of our software video games.

2) Exhalation data is not required nor important for data collection. However, it makes little sense to prematurely end the video game. To engage the patient, similarly to inhalation, once the patient exhales, the lungs collapse, the chest wall returns to normal and the sensor shrinks. This data results in the avatar performing a new action.

Our product is painless, easy-to-use and provides an engaging solution. SPIRO is dedicated to resolving current limitations in respiratory therapy devices by                                                                                                                proposing an innovative approach to wearable monitoring.

Prototype v.1

First prototype of stretch sensor with software. As the patient inhales the avatar moves to the right. Similarly, when the patient exhales the avatar moves to the left. This model was first adapted with a belt to hold the sensor in place.

Current Software

Our current software for the video game. Rather than having sporadic avatar movements, the patient will be inhaling and exhaling to reach different planets. This more accurate to the therapy sessions that the patient will be performing. Not pictured*: adhesive to hold the sensor, replacing the old band idea.